Redesigning Iconic Experiences

Sabancı Foundation
Past Project – 2018

How might we help an established foundation to update its iconic experiences?
Our work with Sabancı Foundation

Turkey’s Changemakers (Fark Yaratanlar) Program Redesign  

In the 10th year of the Fark Yaratanlar (Change Makers) program, we have collaborated with Sabancı Foundation to revisit the program’s purpose and redesign the program structure accordingly.

The discovery process consisted of mapping the current experience and changemaker journey, analyzing the corporate documents, conducting in-depth interviews with different stakeholders to uncover hidden insights, and conducting secondary research to understand shifts in similar empowerment programs better. As a result of the discovery process, we have defined six different experience stories to guide the program’s future design. In collaboration with the program team, we have redefined the project purpose and redesign the program’s experience in light of new experience stories.

Sowing Season (Ekim Zamanı) Event Redesign

We have collaborated with Sabancı Foundation to redesign the yearly “Sowing Season Event,” where the stories supported by the Sabancı Grant Programs are shared to inspire others. Using the means of design thinking, we had four days of co-design sessions with Sabancı Foundation Team to redesign the event experience to increase the attendees’ motivation to act for change.

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