We help organizations transform with purpose and build a better future for all.

Why do we exist & why does it matter?

“The crisis of our time reveals the dying of an old social structure and way of thinking, an old way of institutionalizing and enacting collective social forms.”

~C. Otto Scharmer, Theory U:
Learning from the Future as It Emerges
The current way we run organizations has been stretched to its limits.

Today’s challenges require a multi-stakeholder and human-centered approach, yet today’s organizations were not built for it. They were built upon post-war organizational structures and mindset, based on efficiency, run like machines, designed to maximize shareholder value. These structures no longer allow them to move as agile, creative, and collaborative as the current world demands.

“The world we had been taught to see was alien to our humanness. We were taught to see the world as a great machine. But then we could find nothing human in it.”

~Margaret J. Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers
A Simpler Way

The future belongs to a very different organization with a different mindset, which is not “self-centered” but human-centered. We strongly believe that understanding human is the most significant competitive advantage of the future, and the “Kodak story” of tomorrow will be the organizations that fail to develop that skill. We help organizations to increase their chances to survive by making human-centered transformation possible.